Sandcastles : SANA ROSE


One rainy morning in July 2011, Selena Rocha wakes up to find her carefully woven, quiet life flipped over – the past she had buried a decade ago reappears as two men. She must choose between calm lies and destructive truths, to protect her twelve-year-old twins, Nayna and Ruby, from both.

Neil Shaw returns after a lifetime of fleeing from himself, to redeem what he foolishly lost to his naivety. But it demands something close to fatal, not just love and regret, from him.

Ten years behind bars, Dr. Vincent Gomez has to forgive one person now – himself. And there is only one way to do it, which is but the beginning of a bigger question.

A coming-of-age tale of three girls who entered Goa Medical College in 1997, Sandcastlessubtly interlaces the sensitive and strong layers of family, friendship and love with the resurgent strength of women, affirming that forgiveness and acceptance are the ultimate forms of love.

My review:

Sandcastles By Sana Rose Let’s start with cover : Cover is totally resembles title and the title is also unique itself. Sandcastles is not only a novel it’s an epic of emotions : love, pain,motherhood ,friendship ,and romance and how her past reappears as two men which she had buried a decade ago and this is a story of her struggle as a mother of two daughters in such a terrific situation this is the plot. Story is women centric and revolves around a very strong and attractive character Selena she is from Madgaon and she love reading. Mostly ,poetry. Apart from Selena other interesting characters are Neil, Dr. Vince and Nayna (one of the two daughters of Selena) and many more.

“We were the mistakes that happened to you which made him leave you and us ? – Nayna

You’ll definitely fall in love with Selena’s physique and beauty specially her hazel eyes completely mesmerized me. Dr. Vince is also an important part of the story. He is throughout the story but disappeared in some chapters. Neil is also a very handsome man. Girls will definitely like him and his woody fragrance. Story line and way of telling story is unique. Loved it , loved the way how beautifully you created this world ,I can also find very tiny moments which makes this story more interesting and engaging. Seems very energetic and a result of long time research. Beyond the imagination narration , lots of characters , how you manage them all ,I would say it’s a brilliant story line.

“Hard moment for the parents to settle their children in the hostels”.

A slanting narration, story is bifurcated from the middle and runs towards both side of the book and this is the best part which made me eager to read this book throughout because without opening is the end of the story which smoothly connect past to the present. Language is lucid easy but stranded with interesting metaphors and idioms. Pace is fast and somewhere in first half you can find it little slow but balanced. Tone is romance , serious ,mature and the reality of life. Overall a worth and must reading book. Full of emotions.


My rating:


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